But God himself watches over you, by David Kornfield

Psalm 121:5 God himself watches over you.

God cares. Psalm 121 starts out “I lift my eyes to the hills – where does my help come from?” The Psalmist is clearly in trouble. He’s looking for help, somewhat desperately. In the remaining seven verses of the Psalm, the phrase “he who watches over you” or a similar phrase are repeated five times! Sometimes we may feel like we have to look for help or look for God. Little do we know that he’s looking much more than we are! Looking out for us!

Last week I badly wanted something for my ministry. It was taken away from me. Something else was offered. While I really wasn’t happy with what was offered, by the end of the week I realized that what was offered was a far better fit for my calling than what I had so much wanted.

I wanted one thing, BUT GOD… God watched over me and kept me from what I wanted because He knew that what I really needed was something else entirely. Thank You, God!

One thought on “But God himself watches over you, by David Kornfield

  1. Obrigada Pr. David por nos compartir essa palavra! Neste tempo de transição que estamos passando como família, estas palavras nos cai de maravilha! Temos tido muitos desafios, mais realmente Deus tem cuidado de nós! Baseado nesta reflexão: é mais sábio arar, para que se cumpra a vontade boa, perfeita e agradável do Senhor em nossas vidas, independente dos nossos sonhos! Deus é bom, Ele sabe o que é melhor para nós! Deus o abençoe ricamente!


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