But God watches over, by Rachel Kornfield Becker

Psalm 33:17-18 Don’t count on your warhorse to give you victory–for all its strength, it cannot save you. But the Lord watches over those who fear him, who rely on his unfailing love.

One night I had a bad nightmare.  The next morning, I went running with a friend with whom I regularly exercise.  We were halfway up a hill at Frick Park and we were discussing my dream when I stumbled, hit the ground hard, bounced a few times, and my car key and cell phone went flying out of my hands.  I got up rather stunned and grabbed my phone but completely forgot about my car key.  I limped back to my car, bleeding, and then realized I didn’t have the key.  My friend had to leave for work so I walked back down the path to look for the key but couldn’t quite locate the place I fell and didn’t see the key anywhere.  I was so grateful I had my phone and could call an uber to get me home, and grateful for simple things like antibacterial lotion and band aids.  My husband and I went back by the park that evening to pick up the car with his key and we discussed spending about $250.00 to buy a new electronic key fob once we got back from vacation.  We were leaving in a couple days.

Two days into vacation my husband pulls up to our rental house, gets out of the car, walks around to the windshield wiper and pulls out something that was stuck there.  It’s the key!  Someone must have found it at the park, used it to identify the car, and instead of driving away with the car simply tucked it there for us to find!  Meanwhile, that conversation with my friend also helped me work through what my nightmare was about and I didn’t have that dream again.  These extraordinary displays of human kindness remind me of the loving heart of God toward me.

One thought on “But God watches over, by Rachel Kornfield Becker

  1. Keys returned out of nowhere. God’s guardian angels (Ps 91:11). Things appearing out of nowhere reminds me of my early marriage when I sold Fuller Brush. I put the weeks’ checks from my customers on the top of the car as we were putting things inside to go to church. I forgot to take them from the top of the car. Arriving at church, I went into a panic – some $1000 back in 1978 when that meant a great deal. I got a ticket driving home as fast as I could, but no checks anywhere.
    A lady had a dream about finding signed checks all over the place. She asked herself if that were to happen, what she would do. And then as she took her morning walk, she saw a piece of paper fluttering in a bush. Intrigued, she went over and found a signed check… and then another… and another. She looked up our name and address and showed up later that day with some twenty signed checks. Whewee!
    Guardian angels indeed!
    We lose things. All kinds of things! We sometimes think we’re losing our minds. BUT GOD…! 🙂

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