But God heard and answered, by David Kornfield

Psalm 31:22 In panic I cried out . . . But you heard my cry for mercy and answered my call for help.

In my early marriage I sold Fuller Brush products door to door. One Sunday I put the week’s checks from my customers on the top of the car as we were putting things inside to go to church. I forgot to take them from the top of the car – some $1000 back in 1978 when that meant a great deal. Arriving at church, I went into a panic. I got a ticket driving home as fast as I could, but found no checks anywhere.

A lady had a dream about finding signed checks all over the place. She asked herself if that were to happen, what she would do. And then as she took her morning walk, she saw a piece of paper fluttering in a bush. Intrigued, she went over and found a signed check… and then another… and another. She looked up our name and address and showed up at our apartment later that day with some twenty signed checks. Whewee!

We lose things. All kinds of things! We sometimes think we’re losing our minds. BUT GOD…! 🙂

One thought on “But God heard and answered, by David Kornfield

  1. Amazing story! I can imagine the distress of the loss, as well as the reassurance of God’s tender care in the way He restored those checks to you!


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