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I’m excited to share with you what I’m learning, as God shows up in big ways and small. Click on the link for the latest post. Follow to receive new posts in your Inbox. Puedes pedirle a Google que te traduzca al español ou ao português. Or another language.

I want this to be your space too.

I know you have stories to tell: things were going one way, BUT GOD intervened and everything changed. Sharing your story will encourage others, so please be generous. I’d love to know what you’re learning and how you’re growing, through Covid or any other way. Send your story to me at debrakornfield@gmail.com. Writing down what you’ve seen God do will preserve it for you as well.

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Ainda não disponível em português, devido à crise de Covid. Fique atento aqui!

Click the Karis link above for more information about the book in all three languages.

Please post a review! Help me reach 50, the magic number to make the book more visible.

Karis’s experience and her journaling about finding grace in tough times feel to me more relevant than ever, as we all deal with the multifaceted challenges of Covid-19.

The Karis book is now available in English and Spanish. Editora Betânia is ready to publish the Portuguese version but it’s on hold while Brazil deals with a catastrophic Covid crisis.

Horse Thief 1898

I’ve had time during Covid to write my first novel! Follow the link above to learn more, or go to Horsethief1898.blog.

Historical fiction with a hint of magic and touches of grace