On vacation

Friends, my apologies for not posting recently. The last couple of weeks I’ve been “living” in Cally and Charlie’s world, completing the manuscript for Book 2 of the series, Treasure Hunt 1904, which is due to my publisher a month from now. This week I’m on vacation and taking a much-needed break from the internet. I’ll be back home–and back in touch–next week.

Meanwhile, I hope you’re enjoying Horse Thief 1898!

Love to each of you!!

This isn’t me, but it’s how I feel in this beautiful vacation place!

4 thoughts on “On vacation

  1. Good morning Debbie,

    Just a quick note to share with you that Denyse and I are praying for the Lord’s blessing on your vacation.

    Your friend and teammate, Greg



  2. I yearn to feel like I only imagine that image might feel like. However, in this moment I feel tied up in knots from the inside out. This project is coming to an end as I knew it would all along and I find myself getting snippy and growly and I don’t like myself when I am this way. I am asking God to help me find new ways to be of use to others and trusting that he will present me with opportunities to serve others with whatever gifts I might have that are useful and bring his love to another. I am even seeing a doctor about my fatigue and low energy but I know from where it comes, I think, and I need to worry less and trust God more. I want to raise my right arm to the heavens also in triumph that God is guiding me forward in His name to do His work. Amen

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    1. This is not surprising, Meredith, after all you invested for so long. I have no doubt God will bring others to you. Love you!


  3. Thank you for reminding me that we are never in this world alone. God always puts angels in our lives to help us find our way whether by encouragement, direction or simply sharing their love. Thank you for all of it. Love you too

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