Who on your Christmas list enjoys historical fiction?

Friends, as you think about Christmas gifts, there may be someone on your list who loves reading history through the medium of story. Consider two books written about a time period not often addressed. Horse Thief 1898 begins in southern Ireland and ends in Kansas City.

Book 2, Treasure Hunt 1904, begins and ends in Kansas City, but most of the action takes place in intriguing Idaho, from April to August of 1904.

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Treasure Hunt 1904

by Debra Kornfield

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If historical fiction isn’t your preferred genre, you can also consider two books I’ve contributed to this year:

Book X of the “Short and Sweet” series: entries are written with one-syllable words unless there’s no alternative! It’s sold at Target and various other venues as well as on Amazon.

On vacation

Friends, my apologies for not posting recently. The last couple of weeks I’ve been “living” in Cally and Charlie’s world, completing the manuscript for Book 2 of the series, Treasure Hunt 1904, which is due to my publisher a month from now. This week I’m on vacation and taking a much-needed break from the internet. I’ll be back home–and back in touch–next week.

Meanwhile, I hope you’re enjoying Horse Thief 1898!

Love to each of you!!

This isn’t me, but it’s how I feel in this beautiful vacation place!

Horse Thief 1898 is live!

I’ll share with you, my “But God” family, what I wrote yesterday to my extended family, with my apologies to those who are hearing this more than once.

Thanks to Joel and to Robin at EA Books for the beautiful cover!

I’m pleased to announce the “birth” of a new “child” in our family: Horse Thief 1898 isnow available on Amazon. [My nephew] Joel Griswell designed the beautiful image for the cover, and other family members have helped along the way. Thank you!

I’ve scheduled the official launch for August 15, to give me breathing room after launching the Karis book in Brazil. Before then, I hope to have at least 50 reviews on Amazon. You can help me!

1. Buy and read the book.

2. Post your review on Amazon before Aug. 15.

3. If you enjoy the story, share it with friends.

The story began on a day in August 2018 when I was staying at Uncle Gerry and Aunt Virginia’s home in Kansas City on a book tour for Karis: All I See Is Grace. On an early morning walk, I stumbled across a historic monument, the New Santa Fe Cemetery. Wandering through the old stones, I saw a grave marked simply, “Horse Thief 1898.” Later that day, driving across Kansas with our cousin Barb Jones through a pounding rainstorm, we entertained ourselves speculating on who the horse thief might have been. The story grew from there. I hope you will enjoy tracking Cally and her little brother Teddy Donnelly and Charlie Malcomson from Ireland to New York and finally, Kansas City.

While the Donnelly family is fictitious, the Malcomson family is still alive and well in Ireland. I was delighted one day to receive out of the blue an email from William Malcomson VI!! Will had somehow discovered HorseThief1898.blog and wrote to tell me the historical information on the site had helped him connect the dots back to his great-great-great-great-grandfather William Malcomson I, who is a character in Horse Thief 1898 and even more central to Book 2 of the Cally and Charlie series, Treasure Hunt 1904, which I hope to have out in time for Christmas. Will agreed to let me mention this fun connection on the cover of Horse Thief 1898. He was intrigued to learn that one of my Malcomson characters, Charlie’s brother Thomas, was a student at Oxford, because Will graduated from Oxford a few months ago. 

The experience of writing this historical fiction novel has been delightful for me, and I hope you will enjoy it.