One thought on “Powerful and eloquent

  1. Thanks, Deb. I did my devotional on thinking about the danger of disciple-making or discipleship becoming an ideology. It was a challenging and significant time for me. I think all of us are prone to ideology. We all have a partial picture and can easily make the part we see best into an ideology. That is certainly true with disciple-making or discipleship. So while my conclusion is not new, it is deepened through this exercise of testing myself and the DPP movement as to whether we have fallen into ideology. I don’t think we have, but I know we could. And I know I communicated disciple-making in the past in ways that were hurtful to you and others because of not maintaining the heart which is being Christ-centered. So my devotional one-line conclusion today was:

    *May 18 Discipleship that’s not centered on Christ becomes ideology and idolatry.*

    Thanks for spurring me on to love and good works!

    Love you,


    Dave WEA Decade of Disciple-Making, Década de Hacer/Fazer Discípulos: 2020-2030

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