Karis, todo lo que veo es gracia

¡Ahora está en vivo! La edición en español del libro sobre nuestra hija Karis, disponible en rústica y e-book. Lo puedes encontrar en Amazon.com como Karis, Todo lo que veo es gracia. ¡Disfrútalo, escribe un comentario y cuéntaselo a tu familia y amigos! Y ore, que sea una bendición y un estímulo para todos los que lo lean.

Todos enfrentamos tiempos difíciles. Con sus propias palabras, Karis nos abre un camino hacia la gracia.

The Karis book in Spanish is live! Please share this news with everyone you know who speaks Spanish. It’s available on Amazon as paperback and e-book, Karis, todo lo que veo es gracia.

Please pray this book in Spanish will bless and encourage many people. We all face tough times. Through her own words, Karis opens for us a pathway to grace.

COMING SOON: The Karis book in Portuguese, by Betânia Publishers in Brazil.

Chegando logo: O livro Karis em português, pela Editora Betânia.

4 thoughts on “Karis, todo lo que veo es gracia

  1. How EXCITING, Debbie!! I will be thinking of who I know who is a Spanish speaker so that I can share it!! I have been deeply strengthened in my own faith and understanding of God’s grace through the original English version. Rejoicing with you and will also pray for the soon to be available Portuguese version!!

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  2. Praise the Lord! You have been incredibly faithful and persevering to see the Karis book be published in each of these languages. I rejoice that God will be even further glorified through your life and hers. Aleluya!

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