But God made it grow

1 Corinthians 3:6 I planted the seed in your hearts, and Apollos watered it, but it was God who made it grow.

One day when Karis was discouraged about her limitations, her “Aunt” Claudia, leader of her high school discipleship group, told her this story:

A gardener carried two clay pots, one whole and one cracked, down a path to water his garden. The cracked pot felt badly that it could not perform as the whole pot, getting all of the water to the garden. The gardener told the cracked pot to look back at the path they walked each day. The cracked pot saw that on the whole pot’s side of the path, everything was dry and barren. But on his side, beautiful flowers grew.



“Beautiful flowers grow all around you, Karis,” Aunt Claudia told her. “That’s what the Master Gardener wants you to see.”


From then on, Karis’s favorite nickname was “Crackpot.” She took a pottery class her freshman year at Notre Dame, and wrote in her journal (January 2002), “A jar of clay. Working the potter’s wheel I come to learn better what this means. I want to make a cracked pot.”

Karis associated the cracked pot with 2 Corinthians 4:7, “We have the light of Christ shining in our hearts, but we ourselves are like fragile clay jars containing this great treasure. This makes it clear that our great power is from God, not from ourselves.”

I myself feel a bit cracked and leaky today. Lord, please shine through the cracks, and by your grace leak the living water of your Holy Spirit. Because you can make beautiful things grow.

One thought on “But God made it grow

  1. God gives the growth. We plant; we water; but God gives the growth. The human and the divine. The divine sometimes is comforting and encouraging, sometimes challenging and difficult. We grow more in adversity, though there’s always the possibility of withdrawing instead of opening up to God’s purposes. Karis was a flower in a desert. She bloomed where she was planted. Any little rain and she burst into bloom. And she found rain in places no one else would. This morning I was going to mow the lawn. BUT 🙂 it was wet with dew. She would take that wetness and make it enough to keep going through a long dry and hard day. Lord, help me celebrate both the good times and the hard times, growing in both of them.

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