But God frustrates

From Psalm 146 Let all that I am praise the Lord . . . Joyful are those who have God as their helper . . . He keeps every promise forever. He gives justice, frees, opens the eyes of the blind, lifts up those who are weighed down, loves, protects, and cares. But he frustrates the plans of the wicked. The Lord will reign forever. Praise the Lord!

I just got back from a lovely fast walk through a small piece of bustling Cuernavaca, Mexico, a route that has become familiar to me over the last two and a half weeks. These walks have served not just for exercise but for praise and prayer, lifting many concerns, friends, and family members to the Lord.

This morning my sister Jan listed seven odd things that have happened since I came to visit them. We wonder whether there is spiritual warfare involved because they are so unexpected and bizarre. So I want to ask for your prayers that any plans the enemy may have would be frustrated and blocked. And while you’re at it, praise God with me for all of the wonderful things this psalm tells us about our Lord.

Steve and Jan just left for the hospital, where Steve will have surgery this afternoon.  I had hoped it could be done sooner so I could help more with his recuperation, but at 5:00 Saturday morning I’ll take the bus to Mexico City for my flights home. So if you can, add to your prayers God’s provision of the right friends at the right moments to help with what Jan, who battles severe rheumatoid arthritis, can’t do. Thanks.

I am so encouraged that one day the Lord will reign, forever. Then there will be no more need for surgeries or for medications with terrible side effects. There will be no more death, despair, loneliness, mourning, or sadness. No more scams or fraud or lost computer work; no more hunger, tyranny, betrayal, deceit, or oppression.

One day . . .

One thought on “But God frustrates

  1. But God frustrates… those were the three words that showed up on my e-mail line. It got me thinking about times God doesn’t do what I want or what I’d like. The verse itself says that he frustrates the plans of the wicked. Thanks be to God for that! At the same time, there have been one or two times (ha!) that he’s frustrated my plans or clearly put into motion plans that were very different than mine. What a continual challenge to keep a listening ear and transition into His new plan before my plan and His becoming too different. I guess I have to say that my five depressions over the course of my adult life have had to do with what could be called “But God frustrates”. With hindsight, I would then translate that to “But God care”. He cares more about my inner life and growth than my wonderful plans for my life and others’ lives. What an upside-down Kingdom we’re called to!

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