May 25, 2018 But God motivated, by Jim Franzen

More than two decades ago we had a dog named Cleo who I would take out for a walk each night via our usual route. The sidewalk next to the street sloped down. Across the street the land was uphill. The land next to the sidewalk was level for a few feet and then sloped steeply downward. No residences were on either side of the street. Some distance into our walk I unleashed Cleo. Shortly thereafter a small group of high-school boys came down the sidewalk. I thought I should go over to leash Cleo. As I squatted down to gather her leash one of the boys came up behind me and shoved me down the hill. I tumbled down head over heels. I quickly climbed back up and yelled at the boys, adding that my glasses were lost. The pusher ran off, BUT GOD motivated the others to search for and find my glasses. They also apologized for their buddy’s action. I was about to give them a robust thank-you, but Cleo barked. They abruptly hurried away. What I learned was that if some one (or few) in a group does or says something nasty, not everyone is necessarily partner with the wrong; some might be kind, generous, good hearted.

2 thoughts on “May 25, 2018 But God motivated, by Jim Franzen

  1. Hi, Deb I’m experimenting in seeing what happens if I follow the instructions to respond to this post by typing above the line at the beginning of the blog. Does typing above the line end up in the comments part of the article that just got published, or does it go to you and then you decide what to do with it? Love, Dave


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